Lifetime Access, Intensive, Intersectional Doula Training

If you’re ready to become a birth-keeper, and make birth better for all, Rooted is for you. 

Why Rooted?

Rooted is the only doula training programme in the world that gives you all the practical knowledge and training you need to attend to and advocate for someone during birth, as well as the cultural grounding you need to truly support them as a doula, and the business training you need if you’re going to make a go of this professionally.

It’s the product of my decades of experience as a doula to parents of all sorts, from straightforward pregnancies right through to ‘high-risk’ multiples, as well as the experience and training of some of the Leading Lights in the world of birth. What’s more, it’s deeply rooted in the traditions that have seen people through to healthy, happy births for millennia. It’s designed not only to teach you, but to ground you so you can channel all that care, and nurturing, and passion into a sustainable, long-term change for all of us.
When someone has a good birth, you heal seven generations backwards and forwards.

Creating the safety, space, and support for a good birth is, quite literally, world-changing. And there’s no other programme out there that teaches you how to do that in a culturally-grounded, heritage-rich way that makes birth safe for ALL –– not just the chosen few.


Rooted takes place across 6 months, and consists of a mixed curriculum of independent study, face-to-face training, ongoing mentorship calls, and community support.

6 Independent Study Modules that cover the Perinatal Period

Each month of your time in Rooted, I’ll assign you a subject to go in-depth with. These include loss, birth activism, encouraging straightforward labour and working with partners, or anything else I can pull from my extensive repertoire of training. I choose the modules month to month based on the needs of the cohort, to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need.

Face to Face Sessions

You will do face-to-face training with me, during which we’ll go through the practical aspects of doula-ing, and look at the stories we tell ourselves, take them apart, and see how they impact our doula-ing. These are incredibly powerful days, including LIVE weekly calls, in which you’re invited to show up truly as yourself, and make space for others to be themselves. It is, without exaggeration, world-changing.

Leading Light Sessions

You’ll also have a monthly mastermind session with one of our Leading Lights, each of whom has been chosen for their expertise and experience in the field. They have all been chosen because they are Black or brown-bodied, or culturally safe, and have experience in caring for Black and brown-bodied parents.

Post Course Project

You will also be required to complete a post-course project within 9 months after finishing the independent learning modules in Rooted –– but this is not your typical book-report type assignment! Your project will demonstrate how your doula training ties in with your culture, heritage and traditions, and can be anything you can think of.

Reading and Community Support

You’ll have a list of assigned reading to complete throughout, and each month we have a reading and reflection week, so you can integrate what you’re learning. You’ll also have ongoing support of the Abuela Doula community so you can talk, learn, and network with your peers. (Who will also become your greatest friends and allies as you start doing this work)!

Want more information?

Of course there's bonuses!

Upon signing up to Rooted, you’ll get immediate access to the community, as well as...

The world’s best goodie bag. Delivered to you in a beautiful teal-green Abuela Doulas tote bag, you’ll get a notebook for your notes throughout the course and the Rooted education guide. 

A 2-hour workshop with hyper-nerd with a heart of gold, Jonathan Stewart, who will help you take care of the techy side of running a doula practice. 

Free access to my Loving Multiple Parents course, which is all about caring for parents expecting twins (or more!)

Ultimately, it all comes down to this:
Are you the kind of person who’s called to nurture, care, and advocate for people as they go through one of the most important experiences of their lives?

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"Thank you for these next steps, really looking forward to getting stuck in. I feel so privileged to be trained by the Abuela team, so much thought and intention has been put into this course"

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